Yet Another Reason The MSM Is Pretty Much Irrelevant

From Bob Krumm:

“In the last few days before Wednesday, I began to hear rumblings that the virtually-0rganized Tax Day protests had finally grown to such an extent that the Republican Party wanted to jump on the bandwagon.  It was too late.  Even the head of the RNC was denied a speaking role.  This was a movement that had already grown outside the mainstream of American politics. 

“Oprah Winfrey, accustomed to giving unknown authors a portion of her prominence by featuring their works, felt compelled to jump on the Boyle bandwagon after only one song.”

The internet leads, they follow.  Dinosaurs…


2 Responses to “Yet Another Reason The MSM Is Pretty Much Irrelevant”

  1. Auntie Ranty Says:

    In fairness and amusement, I can’t say that locking the head of the RNC out of an opportunity to speak is necessarily a bad thing.

  2. casualprofundity Says:

    Oh, I quite agree! I think it’s great that the tea party groups — for the most part– told various republican players that their services weren’t needed at the April 15th rallies. What better way to prove to the naysayers (not that even the truth will necessarily convince them) that this WASN’T a republican attempt to whip up populist support.

    No, the point of me posting that link was basically that the media is essentially a dinosaur when it comes to covering news. For all their efforts, for all their legions of reporters and equipment, they don’t seem to know a story when they see it. Or maybe I should say they can’t be bothered to cover a story if it doesn’t fit their narrative and their political agenda.

    As I’ve mentioned previously, these tea parties started two months ago, yet the national media couldn’t be bothered to report when THOUSANDS of people showed up in St. Louis or Cincinnati to protest last month. (But they can certainly send a crew to cover three dozen leftie protestors. Why is the former story not news, but the latter one is? Well, again… the latter fits their political agenda while the former does not.)

    The media acts as though if they ignore a story, it’ll just go away… and if they were the only game in town for information dissemination, then they’d be right. The trouble is it’s a losing strategy now; we have alternative methods of getting news, up to and including average citizens taking video on their cellphones and uploading the raw footage to YouTube. This is why the MSM is a dying industry — the more they try to put forward their own very skewed agenda, the more they dig their own grave.

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