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The credibility gap

May 5, 2009

The Scare Force One flyby — you may recall… the event that scared lower Manhattan — apparently frightened people needlessly.  How’s that? Because the photos — remember?  the flight was supposedly a “photo op” to get some new pictures for the Air Force One press kit — won’t be published.

Um… excuse me?  You supposedly took pictures and yet you can’t show them now?

Maybe because the flight was never about taking pictures?

We have the betrayal on FOCA — candidate Obama gave a speech at Planned Parenthood where he promised signing it would be “the very first thing I do” when I become president.  Gee… we’re well over 100 days, and when he was asked at last week’s 100 day press conference, he said it “wasn’t a legislative priority.”

Then there’s Tom Lauria and others, who’ve alleged the administration has used strong-arm tactics and threatened companies with having angry mobs loosed on them if they didn’t go along with the program.  (The TARP banks were told, “we’re the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks” — all while the WH was whipping up outrage among the unwashed regarding those “evil” capitalists.  And in the case of the Chrysler deal, the administration apparently said they’d use the WH press corps against anyone who didn’t sign off on the deal.)

Then there’s Israel, who was told that the administration wouldn’t do anything about Iran getting nukes until there was some forward movement in working out their Palestinian problem.

In any case where there are differing stories between the WH and anyone else, who are you gonna believe?

In my case… it’ll be anyone else, given the WH’s track record with the truth.